My feet are up, my book is playing and I have nipples peeking out. Yes this means camping week has begun!

I’m sorry I haven’t been around much, trying to get us ready for our trip has been a monstrous task to say the least-and I am STILL not ready :(

So I’m at Easter dinner with the fam, and I may or may not have lost count of how much wine I have had, so BOOBS!

Yeah I love showing my tits off, what can I say-I’m a naughty girl!

A better view of my #shaved #pussy

My #tit In full view for all to see!

A quick little #pussy peek

#one-tit-out in broad daylight in the van!

We decided to take a practice run camping trip before our week long excursion into the Shenandoah mountains next week. Probably a good thing because so far I suck at this camping thing, well at least the packing part. Took me several hours longer than anticipated and we’re only going for 2 nights! Every available niche of the van is packed with stuff. And my 1st mistake was putting the tent in 1st. Did I mention it’s raining on & off? If anything I may end up with great material for a book on what not to do when camping with 7 kids, lol!