I should probably note

That hubby’s pics today (and more tomorrow) were not taken in our house, not that I wouldn’t love a house like that-but more importantly we were misbehaving today and I was naked someplace I shouldn’t be 😋

Hubby took some awesome pics of me today!

Sunny boobs & dark #hugeareolas

A slight turn and there’s 2!

Bright sunny one

Playing with filters today #hugeboobs

Morning sunlight boobs


It’s been awhile, so as a thank you for being so patient, a quickie :)

Love to hear what you think!

!!!!! Holy $&@%!!!! I actually have something that has over 1k notes!!!!!

Who wants it from the tap?

Pudgy pussy

Sent this to hubby yesterday, he said the waiter looked over his shoulder at it and kept hanging around after looking for more!